Case studies.

Together with these clients we were able to create value:

Cargoroo - Amslod - Veloretti -


Shared mobility provider in need of growth capital and asset financing.

In 2017, the founders of Cargoroo started with the concept of a shared electric cargo bike platform. Driven by own experience, but also strongly convinced that the emergence of electric cargo bikes would create an alternative to car usage. After a successful piloting phase in Haarlem and The Hague, the company put itself on the map with its “neighbourhood cargo bike”. To continue the roll-out of the platform, Cargoroo, together with Mobis, searched for suitable funding solution for the assets and growth capital.

After an intensive process, this resulted in the collaboration with two key partners. By partnering with MHC Mobility, a foundation has been laid for the financing of the cargo bikes in the future. Growth capital was provided by Elevant Ventures and a group of private investors. This helps to fulfil Cargoroo’s ambitions to roll out further internationally and preparing itself to become a leading shared mobility provider of cargo bikes in Europe.

Cargoroo. Newport Capital. MHC Mobility.


A rapidly growing direct-to-consumer E-bike brand looking for a financial partner.

In 2015, Ronald Meppelink and Bert Jonkeren started the E-bike brand Amslod. Due to the rapid growth, the company established itself as a dominant E-bike player in the Netherlands. Amslod hired Mobis to explore the possibilities of getting an investor on board that could accellerate expansion.

After an intens and competitive process, a collaboration emerged between Amslod and NewPort Capital, an enterpreneurial private equity firm that matches Amslod's ambitions.

Amslod. Newport Capital.


Cruising on demand, thriving on customer excellence.

Veloretti was founded by Ferry Zonder in 2012 as he considered the traditional bicycle industry as old fashioned and did not offer any bike that differentiated from the rest. Today Veloretti offers bicycles throughout the European Union and has one of the largest fanbases in urban bicycle industry. The company hired Mobis to raise a debt financing in order to facilitate the continuation of this rapid growth.

By clearly defining the funding need and engaging a broad range of financiers, we were able to raise a financing package that provides flexibility and capacity towards the future.


Putting the right pieces together.

After a strategic review, SPX supported NPM Capital on the restructuring of the Interntional Bike Group. Three carve-outs ermerged following this process, including The company's management team and SPX gave a new foundation to be build upon. Following this process, there was a need to attract a strategic partner that could ensure a sustainable and succesfull continuation.

Mobis introduced a number of relevant parties that matched the phase and business culture of Together with PMG Group, a solid base emerged that ensures the future growth of PMG Group. NPM Capital.