Who we are.

Enterpreneurial, proactive and pragmatic; a result of our diverse backgrounds


Diverse and international network

Mobis Corporate Finance is a spin-off of AFS Group. A European financial service provider specialized as an intermediary in the wholesale financial- and renewable energy sectors with offices in Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt and Zurich. Mobis has developed a valuable network of industry players, equity and debt providers and is always looking for new parties to engage with. In September 2020 Mobis Corporate Finance became independent from AFS Group.

Our partners.

Experts, organizations, networks

Some situations may require specific knowledge. We believe we can only achieve the best results by sourcing situation-specific knowledge when needed. Through our past transactions, we have encountered a number of advisors that can assist us on a case-by-case basis. We are also involved in various partner programs, to increase our network and increase our knowledge.

Our team.

Creative, analyticial, solution-driven

Rein Reek.

Rein Reek

  • Active within the financial markets since 1998
  • Involved in the management buyout of the derivatives brokerage firm IWB (from IMC) in 2010
  • Sold IWB to AFS Group and has been working at AFS for 7 years

E-mail: rreek@mobiscf.nl
Tel: +31 - (0)6 50 68 53 13
Foke Morsink.

Foke Morsink

  • Over 10 years of corporate finance experience
  • Worked at De Overname Adviseur and AFS Group
  • Broad corporate finance background (M&A, Debt Capital Markets and debt advisory)

E-mail: fmorsink@mobiscf.nl
Tel: +31 - (0)6 41 43 62 86
Erik Padding.

Erik Padding

  • 7 years of international corporate finance experience
  • Worked at CIBC (CA), ABN AMRO, InterFinancial (AU), and most recently at AFS Group
  • Broad experience structuring financing solutions and providing M&A advisory services

E-mail: epadding@mobiscf.nl
Tel: +31 - (0)6 30 62 97 18
Dave Nijland.

Dave Nijland

  • Previous corporate finance experience at Marktlink
  • Business development/strategy at AGU, a Dutch cycling clothing company

E-mail: dnijland@mobiscf.nl
Tel: +31 - (0)6 15 65 55 13
Aytan Hajiyeva.

Aytan Hajiyeva

  • BSc Business Economics at University of Amsterdam
  • Working student Corporate Finance at Mobis

E-mail: ayten@mobiscf.nl
Tel: +31 - (0)6 27 12 18 04
Jiangcheng Li

Jiangcheng Li

  • MSc Econometrics at University of Amsterdam
  • Working student Data Analytics at Mobis

E-mail: jli@mobiscf.nl
Tel: +31 - (0)6 17 12 86 65